NG Tubes

The ingenuity of mankind to create the most heinous of torture methods under the guise of healthcare knows no bounds. 

I had once thought orthodontics to be the shining star in this field. I was sadly mistaken.

The pinnacle of all such diabolical methods has to be the infamous NG Tube. This maniacal beast goes up your nose, down your throat into your stomach. And what does it do on its twisted path? Makes you gag constantly, itches your throat, prevents you from eating or drinking, and drains you of any positive energy, thought or feeling. 

To those who have suffered through these foul contraptions, I commend you!

1 thought on “NG Tubes”

  1. The Drs showing me how to do it left the tape marker on and it got stuck. They scraped the hell out of the one side and I can’t use it. I had it for over 4 months in one stint. My nose would be freezing cold from the tape. I never needed as much as In the picture, had a little better technique I think with if off to the side pinned it to my top. Would put towels in the dryer to hold on my nose. I could put that thing in and out in less than a minute. Rather that then a line put in. A year after diagnosis and abscesses came the ostomy at 22. 27 surgeries and still fighting the disease as it attacks other organs from my eyes bladder and feet and organs in between. Crohns is the silent killer and it keeps trying to take me but I’m a tough chick!
    Every surgery is life and death now as I’ve had too many, make too much scar tissue, and don’t do well coming out of surgery. My odds are at about 40%. Pretty sad when your dad brings a lawyer to do your will day before a mega block surgery that I wasn’t suppose to have or live through but I’m still here 37 years later. Fight to stay out of the OR.

    I’m not a why me, I was why not me. Took it for the team. Now I’ve found its purpose helping cpps. I fight for those of us that live in constant pain. The US has lost their mind of medications and pain and I’m monitoring the climate in Canada. Every province different.
    Suffering is not an option In my book if you want to be a productive or even just social person. I don’t care the disease pain is pain and if I ignore my pain levels I could die. It’s telling you something is very wrong and needs attention.
    Ive been in bed for a year now waiting for specialist for one of the rarest forms you can get. 36 years to get this diagnosis. It’s not one I’m willing to share at this time.

    Take care all,
    Every day is a good day because you lived it! I’m still smiling

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